"Selling the Product" March 27-10 2017

Stockholm, Sweden
Local organisers: Göran Andersson and Ulf Lerner

Venue:  Elite Palace Hotel S:t Eriksgatan 115 Stockholm

Training in working with social media, career planning, CV writing, grant writing, interview techniques and publication. 2 ESRs will jointly present a public lecture to disseminate the main outcomes achieved by the consortium. External expert Benjamin Geiger will give a lecture and critique the work of ESRs. All ESRs will present their own work. During the meeting we will hold a consortium AGM and a session about a possible continuation of the consortium focussing on osteoclasts in inflammation “Immunoclast”. We will visit the Nobel Museum. There is also an optional visit to the Hagströmer Medico-Historical library of the Karolinska Institutet where we can see some of the finest historical anatomy and natural history books.

“Mining the Resources” Dec 7-9 2016

Herlev, Denmark
Local organiser: Kim Henriksen

Venue: Nordic Biosciences, Herlev. Training session for ESRs by Leloux. This one-day training will build on recent experience of working in industry at Future Diagnostic Solutions, where all ESRs spent 10 days recently, and focus on entrepreneurial attitude and negotiation. Speakers Morten Karsdal, Christian Thudium and Kim Henriksen will continue the theme of working in industry vs working in academia for the whole consortium. Focus is on biomarker development, use of appropriate model systems and publishing vs patenting.

All ESRs will present their work. External expert Jean Marie Delaisse will give a lecture and help critique the work presented by the Euroclast ESRs. During the meeting we will hold a consortium AGM and we will continually “mine” all information presented to extract potential outcomes.  

“Applying the toolkit” May 11-13 2016

Rome, Italy

Local organisers Bernard Hoflack and Miep Helfrich

This meeting has 3 parts:

  1. Consortium meeting in Domus Sessoriana May 11-13 (Wednesday evening-Friday lunchtime)

  2. ECTS Consortia meeting in Rome conference Centre May 13 (Friday afternoon)

  3. ECTS Conference May 14-17

External expert: Dr. Anne Blangy

Guest speakers: Dr. Carmine Settembre and Dr. Jacques Behmoaras

Focus of meeting was presenting and discussing data from ESRs, organising secondments and making sure the consortium had a good presence at the ECTS conference which followed on straight from the consortium meeting. Eurocalst also presented during the ECTS consortia summit.

English writing course 8th-9th February 2016

VU ACTA, Amsterdam – the Netherlands

Trainer: David Alexander

For details see the newsletter of April 2016

“Gathering the tools” June 13-19 2015

Aberdeen & Braemar, Scotland
Local organiser: Miep Helfrich

Institute of Medical Sciences, Aberdeen, June 13-15. Imaging workshop with hands-on training on a variety of high-resolution instruments including electron microscopes. Lectures about techniques suitable for osteoclast imaging. Guest lectures about superresolution imaging, labels suitable for FACS and in vivo imaging and about PET imaging.

Mar Lodge, Braemar, June 15-19. Training in public engagement and presentation skills. Extensive discussion of workpackages and individual projects. Facilitated poster session. Mid-term review meeting with external expert Prof. Anna Teti.

“Defining the models” December 7-10 2014

Kiel, Germany
Local organisers: Paul Saftig and Markus Damme

Maritime Hotel Bellevue, Kiel, Germany. Tour of laboratories of Paul Saftig and visit to Centre Molecular Imaging North Competence Center (MOIN CC). Training in ethics, including studies with human material or animal models, bone histology, molecular techniques and project discussion.

“Setting the scene”  May 26-28 2014

Amsterdam & Zandvoort, Netherlands
Local organisers: Vincent Everts, Bas Overbeek and Teun de Vries

Amsterdam ACTA building, tour of laboratories; then Zandvoort for training in teamworking, personal development, working with supervisors, osteoclast techniques and project discussion.

Euroclast partners and early stage researchers in the Institute of Medical Sciences, June 2015

Euroclast partners and early stage researchers in the Institute of Medical Sciences, Aberdeen, June 2015.